TPD Picture Resizer Pro

TPD Picture Resizer Pro

TPD Picture Resizer is a tool which does batch image resizing
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TPD Picture Resizer puts you in command of your pictures! Resize those images all at once, or one by one, allowing you to send those images to family and friends with ease. With TPD Picture Resizer you can make your images smaller or larger (if you have small images), change picture dpi for higher quality prints, play around with smoothing modes plus many more options.


-TPD Picture Resizer Pro will allow you to resize your digital images from 1% to 250% of original. You can also resize images in sub directories, so just select the parent folder and TPD Picture Resizer Pro will resize images in sub folders. Of course you can turn this feature off is you don't need it.
-After you resize your images they will be approximately 10 times smaller in size than the original. So if you have an image that is 10 MB starting out then after resizing it should be approximately 1 MB is size. This not only saves you space on your hard drive it also makes it easier to send pictures via email.
-Resize digital photos by percentage, pixel or aspect ratio. Preserves original digital photos. Specify smallest size limits, so your pictures do not get accidentally resized smaller than you'd like. Picture window, so you can watch your digital photos get resized.

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